For a first post on my new blog, I figured I would go a little bit into my development process.  I’m going to go over some of the software I use, but mainly I wanted to talk about this plugin I just found which helps a lot in the development process.




The main text editor I use is called Atom.  It’s made by GitHub, and is really nice for being extremely easy to mod anything from the colors, to the way the different keyboard functions work.

I always like to customize the colors that show up in my text editor, so after with messing with a lot of the different styles, I ended up going with the “Atom Material UI Theme”, and the “Seti Syntax Theme”.  You can see how it ends up looking in the header.

The “Atom Material UI Theme” is a take on the Google Material design, which I’ve been messing around with lately.  I really like how it ends up very easy to read, and the animations give it just that extra bit of flair to keep things interesting.





Since I mainly use WordPress for development, I always start developing locally.  To do this I use a really cool program called MAMP (there is a version for windows called WAMP, if you use Windows for your development).  This program sets up all the server prerequisites for hosting a web server with WordPress (Apache, MySQL, PHP) so you can develop your site without having to constantly upload your files to the server to see the changes.

Most web developers already use a system like this, but it’s always good to talk a little bit about the tools which I have found to be most effective.




Part of the reason I decided to make my own post was to talk a little bit about Duplicator, this awesome free plugin that just made my life so much easier.  For developers who work on their local machine, and then transfer the files to the server, that process can sometimes be kind of daunting.  On multiple occasions I have found myself in a pickle because it was confusing having to update the tables, transfer the correct files, setup databases etc.

Here is where I found “Duplicator”.  This plugin automates that whole process for you, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.  It’s as simple as letting Duplicator know what some basic image, and it will handle the rest.  You supply it the name of your current server, the name of your future server, the access to your server, and it handles the rest.

The process is simple, it zips up your site, and gives you it combined with a file called “installer.php”  You then upload those two files (the zip and the installer) to your server.  Navigate your browser to “”, and follow the instructions.  But don’t take my word for it, here’s a video that explains the process more thoroughly.