Blizzard App

For our UI / UX class with the great Eddie Gomez from Sapient Nitro, we were tasked with creating a mobile flow for users who wanted to purchase tickets to a fictional theme park.

Being a huge gamer, I couldn’t resist the thought of creating a fictional Blizzard theme park, which we dubbed “Blizzard Universe“.

We went through several version of our final product, but each iteration we went through user flows, wire frames, user testing, and finally mockups of our mobile application.  For our wireframing we used Axure and Sketch mostly.  We used Pixate for early animation testing of our earlier models.

For each phase we went through the process of asking ourselves what would the user like, and we tried our best to make this project as close to real world application as possible.  Below you will find some screen shots of our efforts in this endeavor.