One of the highest quality project I had the opportunity to be a part of was the redesign of the RECOVER website.  This is a website devoted to scientists who are studying the effects of the Gulf Oil disaster on aquatic wildlife.

For this project I got to work hand in hand with an advisor from the RSMAS University of Miami, as well as a great designer, Daylin who came up with some great designs for the website.  Credit to her for all the fish logos, and especially the main logo with the dueling Mahi-Mahis.  It came out amazing!

On my end, we completely built this theme in WordPress. We had some help from the wonderful guys who created the blank template FoundationPress.  But 85% of the code was written by yours truly.

It was such a great experience to work on this site, the content was really high quality, and the client was very happy with the final product.  I got to learn a lot about Foundation, and WordPress, and I can’t begin to thank Kim Grinfeder for his assistance along the way.