This is my final project for my dynamic data class.  For this class we had to make a system using laravel which a user could interact with.

You can find my project HERE. In my case I specifically made a site which would help users find teachers or in this case, “tutors” to help teach them a skill in a short period of time.  There is also a system which would allow users to choose if they would prefer to be paid or pay with something other than money.  For example a user could request beer, or bags of coffee.  There is also a way for users to select if they prefer face to face meetings, or if they don’t mind teaching or learning over Skype (or other online meeting tools).

Now about the more technical side.  This was my first time working with the backend in such a manner, but I really like the MVC format of things.  The system is such that everything is controlled, and I like how it’s organized.  All the databases can be found in the models, the views are the front end, and the controllers control how information is passed between the two.

For the front end I used Foundation which I’ve really grown fond of over the years. But really this site was just a learning process on how backend database structures work.  Overall working with Laravel started with a borderline frustrating learning cure, but at the end, I felt very comfortable working with it and I now know that I would surely be able to function with similar systems.